Velvet beans with pork and potatoes

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Experimental method turned out I got a new unusual dish, plus potatoes melting in your mouth meat with beans in a mild sauce. Prepared for You with love and in a good mood!!!

Ingredients for Velvet beans with pork and potatoes

Step by step instruction of cooking Velvet beans with pork and potatoes

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The beans have to soak for 6-10 hours. Pre-soaking the beans in water not only speeds up the preparation. Beans beans contain oligosaccharides which are not absorbed by the body. It is the oligosaccharides cause gas formation in the body. But while soaking they dissolve, and the process of digestion will not be much complicated.
The water in which you soaked the beans, it is advisable to change every 3 hours and wash it. Beans when soaking greatly increases in size, so the water level should be 5 cm above the beans themselves. In no case do not boil beans in the water in which it soaked.

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Beans in boiling water without salt and cook for 1 hour on low heat. Beans can be salted only at the end of cooking or after it is cooked. Very often, during cooking, the beans will change color and darken. To avoid this, the beans are boiled in an open pan. After an hour drain the water, throwing in a colander.

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We will need a deep pan or cauldron. Pork cut into large julienne strips, place in a saucepan with hot sunflower refined oil and fry under a lid on medium heat for 30 minutes.

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Peel the potatoes and boil it until tender in salted water. I usually pan 2.5 liters take. The next day, the potatoes can be fried and serve with sauce from beans. Very tasty.

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Onions cut into small cubes

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When pork begins to fry in the pan add the onion, lightly fry it.

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Pour into a pan of boiled beans and pour boiling water from the kettle just above the level of beans, salt to taste, add seasonings, Bay leaf. I have thyme, black pepper, coriander. you can use the mixture for the pork or beans.
Simmer on slow heat for 30-60 min.

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The willingness of the beans depends on their grade. To determine the readiness of the Western restaurants are so-called "three". Get out of the pan three Bob. All three of the bean taste. If they are soft, so the beans are ready. If one of them cooks, it is necessary to continue cooking the beans. Next time you also need to try three beans. Thus you will know that your beans are ready. Press sky on Bob, he will melt like butter in your mouth. Pork is soft and melting. You need to slightly overcook the dish.

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At this stage add the garlic through the press, herbs, taste if needed add salt.
Minute boil and set aside dish.