Home rum

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On the Internet you can find recipes for Roma based on the addition of essences and other flavors that only mimic the original flavor and taste, and not always successfully. We will prepare the drink, as close to the original

Ingredients for Home rum

Step by step instruction of cooking Home rum

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To prepare the rum we need sugar cane molasses is molasses waste of sugar production, used in traditional technology of production of rum.

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Pour into fermenting capacity of the remaining water. Yeast if necessary to razraditi and to contribute in the fermentation tank. Stir as it should. Put the water seal or wear a glove. To put the fermentation container in a warm place until the end of fermentation.

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The first time overtake to the water. Bard (VAT residue) do not empty.

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To measure the strength of the raw alcohol. To calculate the amount of water needed for dilution to 20-25%. A quarter of the required water to replace the bard (Cuban recipe rum bard is called "thunder"). This technique will greatly improve the flavor of the finished beverage and give light notes of sweetness. To overtake a second time with the fractionation.

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Dilute the distillate to 40-45%. After he will rest 3 days, You will get a white rum. If you want to get a gold or dark rum, it is necessary to survive. Best in the barrel, but in the absence of the barrels to insist on the chips.
If you insist on oak chips, then every 2 days, shake well the jar and open it for a few minutes. While the rum breathes, a little bit to try. When you see a hint of woody taste remove chips.

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Bottle and leave to rest for another 3 days.