Cooksey hot

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It is a kind of Korean soup. Festive first course. In summer cooling, with sharp little pickle. In the winter, respectively, on the hot broth warming. Cook it is not difficult, stock up on necessary products, time and patience.

Ingredients for Cooksey hot

Step by step instruction of cooking Cooksey hot

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Cooksey itself consists of several separate dishes, so in parallel, cook the chicken broth and cook the Kale. Depending on the chicken broth is boiled from 1 to 2 hours. At the same time, prepare a hodgepodge of cabbage. For this the flesh of beef cut into thin sticks.

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In a deep skillet, sauté meat in 1 tbsp oil, add chopped onions feathers and fry on medium heat, stirring occasionally.

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Shred cabbage finely, place in a deep bowl, pour boiling water. Hold for 5 minutes and drain.

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Add to meat, stir and simmer. Whisking constantly and adding remaining vegetable oil. To bring to readiness, to taste add salt, sugar.

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Chopped greens, garlic and add to the cabbage. Mix well. Set aside.

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Separate eggs into yolk and white. Mix 2 pieces.. Salt, each serving, lightly beat.

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Butter to fry the pancakes. Protein and the yolk. Hot rolling in the rolls. Set aside.

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Cook chicken, cool slightly and cut into small strips. Set aside.

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Boil spaghetti. Begin "collecting" Cooksey. In a deep bowl to put 100 - 120 g spaghetti, it 2 - 3 tbsp cabbage 1 tbsp chicken, 1/2 rolls, cut ring.

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Add the herbs, chili pepper.

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Pour boiling broth. Season with dill and cilantro, julienne cucumber, radish, green onion and black sesame. Serve hot.