Cheese salad with white fish

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Gave me from scratch the fairing - the salmon of whitefish, the delight knew no bounds, but the fish was so huge that after a week my daughter is already under the fur coat she was doing, and Siberian salad, and a cheese salad made for Breakfast). Very tasty, cheesy, spicy fish touch and not heavy thanks to the fresh vegetables! Dedicate salad a wonderful girlfriend Natalie scullion NataliM-2015, not shad, of course, but also very good)))! Help yourself, dear, you will be fine!

Ingredients for Cheese salad with white fish

Step by step instruction of cooking Cheese salad with white fish

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Cheese cheese I make myself. In fresh milk (2l) was added yogurt (1 l), stirred, heated to separate the serum. Recline on a wet linen cloth, if you need a more dense cheese, put under the press, then salted in brine.

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A tail whitefish has remained with us through the week))
Of course, you can take any fish, we even carp smoked, delicious!))

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Vegetables for our salad

Шаг 4

And wonderful sauce Ajvar, cooked for this recipe http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/330 67/

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The fish is not cut into small cubes

Шаг 6

Tomatoes, onions also cut into cubes, parsley not finely shinkuem

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Mix the cheese, fish, vegetables, dressed with Ivar, add salt to taste (we had solenosti fish and Ivar). And enjoy a delicious fresh salad.
All peace and good!