Soup "Hot pot" with their hands

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Now, in the cold season, you really want something hot and tasty, and fast to warm up... Offer a "magic wand" version of the soup with the egg in a very hurry, a kind of "hot pot" with their hands. Saw a similar recipe online, but decided to simplify even more, and here is the result - the soup for 10 minutes)

Ingredients for Soup "Hot pot" with their hands

Step by step instruction of cooking Soup "Hot pot" with their hands

Шаг 1

The kettle boils water
We measured the glass...
Pour vermicelli -
Let it boil now (5 minutes, don't forget to season with salt)
Well, we will beat into a soft mousse egg
Immediately together with milk (+a little nutmeg, pepper)
Pour in vermicelli
2 minutes of waiting now... (and stir, stir)
Can we add herbs
From Provence or spices...
You're done! Pour!
Don't be shy, upleta)