Dried fish in a electric dryer

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A relatively quick method of cooking dried fish. Fans of beer and fish.

Ingredients for Dried fish in a electric dryer

Step by step instruction of cooking Dried fish in a electric dryer

Шаг 1

The fish must be defrosted.
In the fridge on the coldest shelf, 10 hours...12...

Шаг 2

Fish gutting, wash.
Do not deep cut along the spine to the fish, it was possible to "split".
Sprinkle with salt and put into the fridge.
Usually salted "eye", but when I weighed specifically for Internet - on 9 PCs saury took me 45 grams of salt...

Шаг 3

After the necessary for salting time, extract the fish from the refrigerator, wash and dry on paper towels...

Шаг 4

Lay the fish on the trays of drying meat in the bottom...

Шаг 5

The lower tray with the leaves and twigs of cherry...

Шаг 6

Dry the fish in the allotted time (300 watts, about 50 degrees. in the middle pallet) and get something like this here is the result...

Шаг 7

To give a "commodity" species of fish folded, tied with thread and put into the fridge.
This applies only to Pacific saury and mackerel...

Шаг 8

dryer I have a Bosch - the budget option - stand with fan and 4 pallets with cover.
Therefore, the calculation of the number of fish and the cooking time I give it is for these dryers...
- when drying fish lightly sticks to the pallet, so I recommend the first time...every 20 to 30 minutes to raise it from the pallet...
- just for this dryer is needed every hour to change the pallets are swapped, since the bottom of the fish to dry faster...

The time of salting:
Capelin is 9 hours
Smelt - 9 hours
Saira - 12 hours
Mackerel is 14 hours

Drying time:
Capelin - 4 hours
Smelt - 4 hours
Saira - 8 hours
Mackerel - 10 hours

Capacity for a single download:
Capelin - 10 PCs * 3 under. = 30 PCs.
Smelt - 10 PCs * 3 under. = 30 PCs.
Saury - 3 PCs * 3 under. = 9 PCs.
Mackerel - 2 pieces * 3 under. = 6 PCs.

Here is the recipe...

Bon Appetit!