Rice porridge with vegetables on the side

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Simple, quick, cheap, healthy and sooo tasty! When you don't know what to once again submit a side dish, try to cook a rice porridge with vegetables, which is a very good Supplement to any dish - be it meat or fish! In addition, it can perfectly replace already bored of the variant rice porridge) the Number of ingredients listed on the pan/baking dish 2l.

Ingredients for Rice porridge with vegetables on the side

Step by step instruction of cooking Rice porridge with vegetables on the side

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Prepare the ingredients. Rinse rice in seven warm waters.

Note: the Rice you can use any kind you like). I usually cook from parboiled rice - it is not sticky and does not crumble when cooked (long grain rice is best for side dishes), but also very tasty cereal work out of round or medium-grain rice, these varieties are best to use when cooking on the water. And Krasnodar rice is ideal for cooking cereals with milk.

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The remaining carrots wash, peel and grate on a coarse grater. Onions clear, finely crumbled (optional and not really small)). Wash tomatoes, cut into small cubes.

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Onions and carrots sauté in vegetable oil, add the tomatoes and simmer for another 2-3 minutes. Then add tomato sauce (optional), saute 2 minutes. At this time, the rice pour the water or broth and put on fire.

NOTE: the rice turned out crumbly, water is taken in ratio 1:1,5 (1 Cup of rice 1.5 cups of water), but I always take 1:3, because our family is not particularly fond of dry crisp cereal.

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Once the rice comes to a boil, add salt and flavoring, add zazharku, stir and let boil again, cover and put it on the smallest flame on the smallest burner.
Cook for 25-30 minutes without disturbing and without looking at the pan. After turn off the heat and let the garnish about 10 minutes to rest. Now you can open, mix and eat (only if you cook not rice crispies!)

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If the cook crumbly rice:

After 20 minutes turn off the heat, cover do not open. The rice inside the pot will require around 15 minutes, during which time he will absorb all the water and saturated with moisture.
Open the lid after 15 minutes. A fork with long teeth lightly "comb" the surface of the rice will help to release from the depths of the hot steam and to separate the grains, which stuck together in the steaming process.