Salad "Caesar"

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The original recipe for Caesar salad implies a rather simple structure: it includes only lettuce, garlic croutons and Parmesan cheese. Everything is generously seasoned with a mixture of olive oil, eggs, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce. Subsequently, however, even the inventor of this dish Caesar Cardini experimented a lot, adding to the original salad of various ingredients, thanks to which the dish each time gained new flavors. The most successful was the "Caesar" salad with chicken — the most delicious and simple enough. I present to You my version. Bon appetit!

Ingredients for Salad "Caesar"

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The cooking of the sauce.
Eggs to put for 1 minute in boiling water, then break them into a separate bowl. Protein should be semi-liquid. In the bowl of a blender mix the eggs, garlic, grated Parmesan, olive oil, mustard and lemon juice, season with salt to taste and blend everything into a smooth sauce.

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Preparation of salad.
Garlic crush the flat side of a knife, pour olive oil and put in the microwave for 30 seconds on maximum power. From white bread to cut off all the crust, cut it into cubes, spread on a baking sheet, drizzle with garlic oil and dried in the oven at 180°C until Browning. Chicken breast salt, pepper, add other spices according to your taste and fry in olive oil until tender. Chicken breast cut into small slices. The cherry tomatoes cut in half, lettuce leaves finely pick by hand, grate the cheese on a grater.

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On a plate put the sauce and salad ingredients, to decorate according to your taste.

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Bon appetit!