Roll-shank "Holiday"

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Fragrant, tasty meat. Looks great on the holiday table. Due to the smoked sausage flavor turns out the shank with the effect of "smoked". Great sliced, holds its shape, but no hard meat. Without long marinovani, vymachivanie and zapekanie have a festive meal without the hassle! Help yourself!!!

Ingredients for Roll-shank "Holiday"

Step by step instruction of cooking Roll-shank "Holiday"

Шаг 1

Rinse pork under running water. With a knife scrape the skin. Gently separate the bone from the pulp. Lightly with a hammer to beat the split shank. RUB meat with salt and spices.

Шаг 2

Emphasize FOOD in a plastic bag to put the peppercorn and Bay leaf.
Sausages clear from the film and put it on the edge of the shank.

Шаг 3

Install the knuckle roll. Tie with string or silicone shoelaces.

Шаг 4

Put in a bag knuckle and tightly tie the package. Next, pack the knuckle to put in a tighter pack ( type, "Mike") and hard to tie. In the bowl of MV put the package with the shanks, add water until the max limit. Put the COOKING mode for 120 min. Cover to cover is not necessary. The finished knuckle to pull out of the bowl and allow to cool completely. Then remove the packets and send the knuckle in the fridge overnight. In the morning remove the cords and to make cutting.