Three entrees for buffet breast

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Fillet of chicken breast and one Kikkoman soy sauce, some vegetables, and three different appetizers for a cocktail ready. A Pleasant New Year To You!

Ingredients for Three entrees for buffet breast

Step by step instruction of cooking Three entrees for buffet breast

Шаг 1

Wash and dry chicken breast.
Slice the breast portion of long strips with a thickness of about 1 mm.

Шаг 2

Part of the breast cut into cubes of 1.5×1.5 cm

Шаг 3

Lay out the slices of breast into the container, add Kikkoman soy sauce is classic.
Stir, cover and leave to marinate from 30 minutes.
I marinated a night in the fridge.

Шаг 4

The remaining breast chopped with a knife for stuffing. If You are cooking for a large company, turn chicken meat mince with a large grid.

Шаг 5

Fold the meat into the container, add the soy sauce, very interesting taste you get when you add Sweet soy sauce TM Kikkoman.
Cover and put into the refrigerator.

Шаг 6

Cucumber slice with a vegetable peeler into strips.
Sprinkle, if desired, sweet soy sauce.
Put together a strip of chicken meat and cucumber and roll.
Fix with a toothpick and put on the sides of quantiki pepper.
A piece of pepper paste in the middle of roses.

Шаг 7

Grease with vegetable oil a baking dish, lay out the roses and spread them on top, just oil.
To enable the heating of the oven 200°.

Шаг 8

Kebabs are ready!

Шаг 9

Roses ready!

Шаг 10

For popcorn or minication, get pickled meat.
Using two teaspoons to shape small balls the size of hazelnuts.

Шаг 11

Roll in flour or breadcrumbs.

Шаг 12

Fry in hot oil in small batches, turning constantly, for a few minutes until tender.
Dry excess fat on a paper towel and serve.
I got a basket of cheese balls recipe: http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/135 237/