Chicken with cucumber

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My husband brought the pamphlet "Recipes for an encore". Without illustrations. and "steps". Just a description, and of the preparer reviews, rating meals. Entirely positive, laudatory Odes. Decided to start "check" with this recipe. Unfortunately in such magazines was not always specified the amount of ingredients, but only the name of, well, action. Had, by "spear" create steps to cooking this dish. Let's see what I got?! I was wondering! On top sprinkled with cilantro.

Ingredients for Chicken with cucumber

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken with cucumber

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Products for meals

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Breast, cut lengthwise into 2 parts, beat. A little salt, as the pickles

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Coat a baking sheet with butter and lay the meat

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Pickles cut in small squares, lay on the meat

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On top lay slices of tomatoes

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To grease with mayonnaise. Preheat the oven to 200* and bake the meat for 30-40 minutes, put on a dish

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For submission I have made ready meat halves peaches in a light sugar syrup. Well, firstly we got a, "symbiosis" flavors. Meat, salty, sour and sweet well. Again, this was not intended by the recipe, just I often use peaches to decorate the side dishes, and desserts. I lived In Bakhchisarai, and used to have peaches, dried, fresh and canned form. But apricots (dried apricots), and did not stick in my kitchen.

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Filed meat for a spouse with peaches, we got the same tastes