Salad of watermelon radish

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Watermelon radish, she's a watermelon radish, it is also one of the varieties of radish Misato radish, and green. In short, I realized one thing – a hybrid of radish and you can call it whatever it is. Useful, very vitamin, low-calorie vegetable. You and stew and fry, but I have yet to try raw. Their taste didn't disappoint: though not so juicy as the black, but firmer, has no peculiar smell of radish, and is much sweeter than the rest of their relatives and radishes. The main thing is to clean the green skin – she's a little bitter. Well, the color of this vegetable on the plate, immediately attracts the eye

Ingredients for Salad of watermelon radish

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad of watermelon radish

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Radish peel and divide lengthwise into 4 pieces (like an orange into slices), one part of the grate on a coarse grater, salt, season with mayonnaise, mix. We can also add grated carrots. In any case, this is a very quick, inexpensive, juicy and delicious salad.

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I take one "slice". Radish cut into slices (at a very coarse grater – which is on the side, a peeler, a special grater, combine) in any way. Put 2-3 layers on the plate. Each layer sprinkle with salt, pepper and a little sbryzgivaem vegetable oil.

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Radish cut into slices (again, way) laid in 2-3 layers on the plate. Each layer lubricates gas station (with a brush or a teaspoon).
Filling: vegetable oil – 4 tbsp. vinegar 9% - 1st. l, salt ( seasoned or Adyghe) – 12 tsp; red pepper and ground black - for 13. tsp
Allow to soak 15 minutes – 20. Before serving, slightly sbryznem lemon juice

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