Chicken "tapaka" pan Tapa

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Chicken Tabaká (chicken tapaká, freight. "Zilla tobacco" from the name of Georgian pans, in which it is prepared (cargo. tapha — "pan", perhaps derived from the Arabic word tabbaq — "dish", "tray", "plate") is a popular dish of Caucasian cuisine. Represents a chicken, fried with garlic, pepper and spices. Common name of the food in Armenia, tapakatz having literally "fried chicken" or "flattened chicken". Probably all of the name date back to the Arabic "tabbaq" and its original meaning "flat", "plane", "crushed", (hence the "sheet" (in the sense of "squashed flat") as the name of the tobacco leaf — the leaf of a plant, which was called "Tutun" (cf Ukr. "tyutyun"), hence "tobacco", I guess.

Ingredients for Chicken "tapaka" pan Tapa

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken "tapaka" pan Tapa

Шаг 1

However on closer inspection it turned out that is found a perfect confirmation of the naturalness of the birds, so to speak, home origin and the absence of any chemical nastiness.
What is the evidence? Yes here is....
And how to deal with it ... Oh, just everything.
Take this this device.
Simple and, by the way, it is highly needed in the economy.
Costs pennies and the usefulness in it and applications ... in General, I advise to get and use.

Шаг 2

After that, Tsyplenkov should be cut.
But not quite, but rather incision. The breast.
Carcass as it unfolds.
Then we need to work hard and clean everything inside.
What is superfluous.
All sorts of films there, blood clots and unnecessary ilocki.

Шаг 3

Then the carcass should be well washed and dried.
Paper towels it is best to do.

Шаг 4

And then the carcass is necessary to beat.
But without fanaticism.
I have a special hammer was not, so I took a potato masher.
And not flying anything, not splashing, cover the bird with foil.
Very convenient for the purity of the environment.

Шаг 5

According to the precepts of experts and the laws of the genre on Tsyplenkov need to marinate.
Remember what it says in the beginning?
About the garlic, peppers and spices.... Doing a marinade.
Take a few horoshenkov black and fragrant pepper, a couple Bay leaves.
And all these leaves and peas to be squashed. In a mortar.
So finely did not happen.
It would be best, of course... but the mortar here, too, I have no, so I have all these peppers and Bay leaf crushed with a pestle, and then to this he added salt, pepper red ground, black pepper ground ... also, a teaspoon of thyme. Still it would be good koreandra, but alas....
And then all mix well.
Here have a mortar, which is not.
So again, pick it up a little dented.
Garlic. The amount depends on taste. Its finely chopped.
It is advised not to crush and chop.

Шаг 6

Pour the mixture in vegetable oil.
You could, of course, take some delicious – flavorful, but I thought this was a better go easy, sunflower.
No extra flavors to ....
In General, took the, again, simple and no flavored. Not a lot of Leyte. Gram a maximum of seventy.
Garlic sent into the same bowl.
To the rest of the marinade ingredients.
And all carefully to move. Very good.
The salt was dissolved.
Well, let "disappear", but evenly distributed throughout the marinade.
Although, you still settle ... again stir have "before..."
And then cover the bowl with a saucer and leave to stand for an hour.
All the aromas and flavours came together in one line ... pickle.

Шаг 7

And after an hour or so to RUB the birds of the resulting composition.
First one side.

Шаг 8

Then just as good to RUB and with the other hand.
I then put the birds in a bowl, covered dish, put on top of the cargo and put it in the fridge.

Шаг 9

... and then the bird there and posted.

Шаг 10

On top put the lid. Why "put"?
Yes, because this is not a cover, and plate iron ... chesslovo.

Шаг 11

I roasted for about twenty minutes. Why so long?
And all for the same reason ... winter on the street.
And the breeze, though not very frosty, but still.
Therefore, even though the bottom and the fire, but from above the wind. Cold.
Then the bird turned....

Шаг 12

Angel you for a meal!