Cranberries in syrup

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Very valuable, useful berry. The properties of cranberries can tell a lot, but now not about it. How to prepare cranberries, to preserve the useful properties of the maximum? I offer you a recipe for harvesting cranberries.

Ingredients for Cranberries in syrup

Step by step instruction of cooking Cranberries in syrup

Шаг 1

Cranberries to sort, wash, dry.

Шаг 2

Put into a clean jar 1/2 volume.

Шаг 3

In a saucepan add sugar, pour water, add lemon zest, cloves (for an Amateur).
Give writing a rolling boil, cool.

Шаг 4

Cold syrup to cover the cranberries.

Шаг 5

Close the lid.
As such, the cowberry stored for a long time without a refrigerator.