Pork in a slow cooker

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As soon as I got the multi, preparing pork only in it because less of a hassle, and the result is even better than cooked in the oven.

Ingredients for Pork in a slow cooker

Step by step instruction of cooking Pork in a slow cooker

Шаг 1

Mix all ingredients for the marinade

Шаг 2

Coat a piece of meat and put in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours

Шаг 3

Grease the bottom of the Cup multivarki oil, put the meat and put on a program of suppression for 1H 30min ( I multivarka-cooker, so 40minut)

Шаг 4

Upon completion of the program to cover the meat with foil and leave to cool

Шаг 5

Slice and serve

Шаг 6

Your appetite