Goose with apples, prunes and nuts

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Christmas goose with apples, prunes and walnuts. Insanely delicious dish of goose.

Ingredients for Goose with apples, prunes and nuts

Step by step instruction of cooking Goose with apples, prunes and nuts

Шаг 1

Cut off the neck, the extreme phalanx of the wings.
Trimmed of excess fat (it is located near the neck and incision in the abdomen at the bottom) and giblets.
Wash well carcass.
With a sharp knife, gently, without damaging the skin, detachable in the region of the abdomen skin from the meat.
Liberally RUB the mixture of salt and pepper, including the abdomen under the previously separated skin.
Remove the carcass in the refrigerator or in cold for 1-3 days.
During this time, the skin dries up and when fried becomes crispy, browned, and the meat softens.

Шаг 2

On the day of preparation to get the goose out of the cold and prepare the filling.
For this we need apples, prunes, walnuts

Шаг 3

Prunes should be washed and steamed.
Apples clear from the seeds and cut into chunks.
Mix the apples, prunes and walnuts.
If apples are not sufficiently acidic lemon juice

Шаг 4

Goose stuffed with the filling.
Stuff the carcass, you need 2/3.

Шаг 5

To keep the stuffing from falling out of the clipped abdomen with toothpicks and contractible thread.
Also with a toothpick and thread pin a skin in the neck area

Шаг 6

To peel the goose turned out Golden and crispy, the carcass should be lubricated with sour cream, and place on the grate or a vegetable (carrots, onions, apples etc.) a pillow, so that would eliminate the contact of the carcass with the dishes.
Also it is necessary to use a deep pan that will drain the goose fat during roasting.
That fat goose with baked on this pan is not smoked, in a container pour the water and periodically pour it.
Put goose in a preheated oven.
Set the temperature at 220 ° C for 30 min.
During this time the crust to fry and will not allow meat juices to come out.
Then reduce the heat to 160 degrees.
The goose in the oven to bake at this temperature for the remaining time. Bake goose on the basis of 45 minutes per 1 kg weight of carcass + 30 min for a total weight.

Шаг 7

Not less than once in 30 minutes check our carcasses.
Readiness check by piercing with a toothpick in different places.
If the juice is clear, then our goose is ready for cutting and filing.

Шаг 8

Remove toothpicks, thread.
Before serving, cut and serve.