Chicken soup with dumplings from drying

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A bit of history. I had two grandmothers. One very tasty cooked, and the second one was cooked rare, BUT the fact that she cooked was very tasty and original during my childhood. So, favorite soup from my childhood from my grandmother...

Ingredients for Chicken soup with dumplings from drying

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken soup with dumplings from drying

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Cook chicken broth. Do not forget that chicken is better to lay in boiling water, then foam will not grow; Bay leaf in chicken broth do not add, salt, pepper. Onions in the broth never chopped, say more, put it entirely, and together with the peel, just wash properly (color turns out - awesome). Carrots finely shinkuem. At the end of cooking, remove onion and throw away.
While the broth is cooking, make the dumplings. Drying grind in a blender or skip through Mincer. Quite to the state of the flour is entirely optional. Add the melted butter, eggs and mix everything together. Slowly begin to add the broth and ordinary water 50/50, how much would you charge to make a not too liquid batter.

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Roll balls the size of slightly larger than a walnut. Press the balls slightly with your palm.

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I like to separate the meat from the bones, so pull out the chicken from the broth and cut up.
In the boiling broth lay the meat and dumplings. Allow to simmer for to the ascent of the latter.
Add dried dill and parsley and immediately turn off.
Served with fresh greens.