Quick and healthy Breakfast

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We all probably happens when you get bored of the usual food and want something unusual. And I'm tired in the morning to eat a simple oat porridge, scrambled eggs or cottage cheese. From dad I got an interest to experiment with food, this time he again played a role and I combined the 2 options for Breakfast: oat porridge and cottage cheese. I hope many will like this yummy

for Easter

Ingredients for Quick and healthy Breakfast

Step by step instruction of cooking Quick and healthy Breakfast

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Draw your attention to what I describe cooking only one serving, as cooking for yourself only. If you want more of, respectively, the number of products needs to increase.
Boil oatmeal. I make so: on 200 g of water put 2 tablespoons of the flakes, bring to boil and on low heat cook for 5 minutes. Then cools.

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I had cottage cheese low fat, so it tastes better, as no grains. Although.. all worth a try.

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Canned peaches I take the halves at the Bank are only 5 pieces, that is enough for 5 breakfasts. Take 1 half and cut into small pieces.

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It looks like the Breakfast of stir.