Polenta with Parmesan

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Dear cooks, I recently discovered polenta as the perfect side dish to meat and vegetable dishes, as well as independent healthy and delicious dinner. I suggest you use my recipe.

Ingredients for Polenta with Parmesan

Step by step instruction of cooking Polenta with Parmesan

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500 ml of water to the boil, dissolve it in the bouillon cube.

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Add 300 ml milk and bring to a boil.

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Reduce the heat and with constant stirring a hand whisk gradually add the polenta. Continuously stir until thick. In the finished porridge add the butter, mix.

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Grate the cheese on a small grater, add to the finished porridge and stir. Leave some cheese for topping. Add salt to taste, considering that Parmesan are pretty salty by itself and bouillon cubes also have salt. I, for one, do not salt at all. To taste you can add a bit of pepper.

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And as a beautiful garnish.
Bon appetit!