Pheasant baked "dinner for the breadwinner"

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If you want to give pleasure to a romantic dinner for their second halves and at the same time he is an avid hunter, then cook the dish they brought prey, and you will not regret it. My husband is a hunter with 40 years of experience. Last season he brought me 12 pheasants, all legal: according to the permit and licenses. This dish can also be prepared from any wild game: deer, boar or bear meat, if you got a chance to get her.

Ingredients for Pheasant baked "dinner for the breadwinner"

Step by step instruction of cooking Pheasant baked "dinner for the breadwinner"

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The bird cut into portions.

Шаг 2

Add coarsely chopped onions and chopped cloves of garlic.
As my husband says: "Luke never too much".

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Feature of making any game is that it is necessary to pre-marinate. So if you are going to cook the dish for a romantic dinner, then the bird must be marinated in the morning or better per day.
Prepare the marinade. Mix in a bowl soy sauce, Kikkoman, dry white wine, brine from the tomatoes ( I have sweet pickled tomatoes from mother-in-law), mustard with grains and svezhemoloty a mixture of peppers.
Tomato pickle is very convenient for marinating, it contains acid and spices. As brine and soy sauce are salty, salt is not put.

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Put the bird in a convenient for baking form with cover, I have a ceramic pot.
Added to the bird any mushrooms (fresh, boiled or frozen) on the availability and desire. Ideally use wild mushrooms. I have boiled the wood mushrooms.
Pour all the marinade, mix and leave at least 4 hours.
Then put the marinated bird (closing the lid) in a heated to 200 degrees oven and bake for 2 hours.

Шаг 5

Serve the bird hot. Garnish: vegetables, rice, potatoes, greens.

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Bon appetit!