Potato dumplings

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Very hearty side dish. I sometimes make it with canned beans in tomato sauce. The recipe for these dumplings found on the website of the culinary club.

Ingredients for Potato dumplings

Step by step instruction of cooking Potato dumplings

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Boil the potatoes, peel and hot mince or mash.

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The resulting mass mix with eggs,...

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Flour, salt and pepper.

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Thoroughly mixed, the mass did not stick to the hands.

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Then divide the dough roughly into 4 pieces and roll into sausage, cut into slices thick as a finger and a length of 4-5 cm.

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You can leave the dumplings in the form of "fingers" can be molded into balls, but you are here "roses". :)

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Put them in salted boiling water and cook under the lid until the float.

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Meanwhile, melt the butter in the pan...

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... and add to boiling oil crackers. Fry until Golden brown.

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To get our dumplings from the pan and place on a plate.

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Showering them with dressing croutons or sprinkle with grated cheese or cheese.