Cabbage, stewed with mincemeat

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Recipe of braised cabbage. It turns out very tasty!!! Try it!!!

Ingredients for Cabbage, stewed with mincemeat

Step by step instruction of cooking Cabbage, stewed with mincemeat

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Cabbage shinkuem. Pour into the pan the oil and put the cabbage, cover and simmer on low heat. Approximately in the middle of cooking the cabbage to salt.

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While the cabbage boiled, cut onion finely, carrot on a coarse grater. Ship all in another pan and saute. When onions and carrots are almost ready add the minced meat. To the mixture of meat and vegetables, add salt and curry 0.5 tsp.

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Cut tomatoes into small cubes.

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Add tomatoes to meat and vegetable mixture and simmer until tender.

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When the cabbage is almost ready add the mixture of minced meat with vegetables, all mix well and simmer until fully cooked. In the end, add finely chopped greens.

Bon appetit!