Pancakes on the water

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Pancakes on the water - pretty simple dish. Pancakes are obtained thin, elastic, and can serve as a good "basis" for stuffing (filling for pancakes can be very diverse: meat, cheese, boiled condensed milk, etc.). Most interestingly, these pancakes (if you treat them right) are not inferior in taste to the pancakes on milk.

Ingredients for Pancakes on the water

Step by step instruction of cooking Pancakes on the water

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Prepare the necessary ingredients.

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As I was preparing the dough for pancakes without a blender, for a start, add flour, sugar, salt, add eggs. Mix everything together and slowly pour the water.

Шаг 3

Stir again to avoid lumps. In the finished dough for pancakes on the water add the vegetable oil (optional, I did not add). The consistency should be as liquid-liquid sour cream.

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Fry thin pancakes in a well heated pan on the fire a little more than average. If you add to the dough vegetable oil, then no need to grease pan before each baking. Since I do not add vegetable oil, then before each "new" pancake frying pan grease with vegetable oil (you can use a slice of bacon, "worn" on the plug).

Шаг 5

Pour batter with a ladle on a well-heated pan and evenly arrange on the bottom of the pan.

Шаг 6

When one side of the crepe is browned, turn it and fry the other side.

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Thin pancakes on the water ready.
Bon appetit!