Chicken liver in honey-mustard sauce

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May not even be about the taste and speech, when we prepare chicken liver! To be honest, love it! Friends, all to try the recipe offer!

Ingredients for Chicken liver in honey-mustard sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken liver in honey-mustard sauce

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Onions chop and fry on high heat until Golden brown

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Sprinkle onions with sugar, add the vinegar and fry for another 3 minutes, stirring constantly

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For the sauce: mix the honey, mustard, brandy and grated ginger (the amount of honey can be reduced, then choose a not too spicy mustard, and the dish turns out with a sweet taste)

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Chicken liver wash, peel from the films, dry

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Quickly, a few minutes fry in olive (or vegetable) oil, not bringing to readiness, to salt

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Pour sauce and stew under a lid for 5 minutes

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Add caramelized onions

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Saute a couple of minutes

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Off and submit.

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Liver ready

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Bon appetit!