Coffee cake with cinnamon-sour cream sauce

97 - 60 минут 4 порции

Incredibly tender and flavorful cupcake! For lovers of coffee cakes, and more! Not less interesting sauce is a great complement!

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Ingredients for Coffee cake with cinnamon-sour cream sauce

Step by step instruction of cooking Coffee cake with cinnamon-sour cream sauce

Шаг 1

All products must be at room temperature.

Шаг 2

Soft butter TM milieu, beat the brown sugar until whitening. Add sour cream to the TM milieu, mix well again.

Шаг 3

Coffee diluted in 2 tbsp. spoons of boiling water, add a pinch of salt and cool slightly. Add coffee to butter mixture, mix well.

Шаг 4

1 to enter into the dough eggs and whisk until they are dissolved and splendor.

Шаг 5

Pour the sifted flour with cinnamon and baking powder.

Шаг 6

Mix dough hand whisk until smooth.

Шаг 7

Pour the batter into the form. Bake the cake at 180°C for approximately 35-45 minutes. Baking time is relative and depends on your oven. The willingness of cake to check with a toothpick.

Шаг 8

Next, prepare the sauce for the cake.

Шаг 9

In a bowl mix all the dry ingredients except the sour cream. Cover with cold water, stir to combine and put on fire. Once the sauce starts to boil, it will immediately thicken.

Шаг 10

Remove from heat, cool, then add sour cream and stir. The sauce is ready.

Шаг 11

The cupcake is removed from the mold, allow to cool.

Шаг 12

Pour the sauce over the cooled cake.