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Pie "Warlock"

Pie "Warlock"

In honor of Defender of the Fatherland Day I wanted to cook for their loved ones concise, without all the frills, masculine dessert. I invite you to see what I got.

Cooking time 100 minutes Number of servings7

Ingredients for Pie "Warlock"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pie "Warlock"

Step 1

This is the basic set of products.

Step 2

Beat eggs with sugar. Add sour cream and beat slightly.

Step 3

Add sifted with the baking powder and cocoa flour. Gently to mix.

Step 4

Add the almond flour, orange zest, liqueur (I have a coffee-anise) and soy sauce "Sweet" TM "Kikkoman".

Step 5

The Cup multivarki grease with butter, pour the batter, set the mode to "Baking" 90 minutes. Pie may be baked before, it depends on the power of the slow cooker.

Step 6

The finished cake to decorate with peach compote and vanilla sauce.

Step 7

The cake was very chocolate with a pleasant almond aftertaste.

Step 8

The structure of the cake is soft, porous, slightly frail.

Step 9

The efforts were not in vain! My men gave a pie as well! Especially the younger son, who just now said: "can you teach me how?"

Step 10

Bon appetit!