Tender yeast pancakes

134 - 90 минут 6 порции

I propose to prepare another version of the yeast pancakes. The pancakes are delicate, rosy, bubbly and delicious! The great advantage of these pancakes is that they are very easily baked, not torn and perfectly flipped.

Ingredients for Tender yeast pancakes

Step by step instruction of cooking Tender yeast pancakes

Шаг 1

Prepare the required products.

Шаг 2

In a large bowl combine eggs, sugar and salt. Beat well until fluffy state.

Шаг 3

Add the warmed milk, warm water, yeast, flour, 70 ml of vegetable oil. Mix well until smooth.

Шаг 4

Tighten the dough with clingfilm and put in warm place for 50-60 minutes. I put in the oven heated to 50 degrees.

Шаг 5

When the dough will increase in volume 2 times, stir gently, to remove air and allow to rise again.

Шаг 6

Bake pancakes on a heated pan, just greasing the pan with vegetable oil using a cooking brush. As soon as bubbles appear on surface of pancake, flip to the other side. I fry in a cast iron heavy pan over low heat. Pancakes flipped without any problems.

Шаг 7

Fry the other side. Ready pancakes serve, decorate with berries and fruit (if desired) and serve.