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Thin pancakes with yeast

Thin pancakes with yeast

Pancakes on yeast is known for its great taste, Golden color and beautiful holes. They don't break, they stretch, and therefore are particularly good will and with any filling! Of course, there are more fast and practical recipes pancakes, but no other pancakes can't compare with the flavor and amazing taste of pancakes from the dough. Be sure to try these pancakes, you will be delighted with them.

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Ingredients for Thin pancakes with yeast

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Thin pancakes with yeast

Step 1

Dissolve in half a glass of warm milk mixed with sugar instant yeast "SAF - MOMENT".

Step 2

On the ready yeast mixture you can guess, seeing "cap" on it.

Step 3

Now melt the butter, and eggs in a separate bowl well rubbed with salt with a whisk. When cooled butter, add it and the egg mixture into the yeast coming up. Then the required amount of flour sift through a sieve and add one spoon directly into the bowl with the liquid ingredients, each time carefully stirring to avoid lumps of dough.

Step 4

Put the dishes with the dough for his approach in a warm, draft-free place, cover with a towel.
When the dough will increase in volume and covered with bubbles, spread it with the remaining milk and stir. You can immediately bake pancakes.

Step 5

Bake pancakes better on thin-walled pan. The first pancake came out lumpy, pan lubricate refined sunflower oil — it should be done only the first time. The dough pour into the pan in a thin layer, and when it solidifies, is formed on the surface cute the holes.

Step 6

Bake pancakes on both sides until Golden brown.

Step 7

So the pancakes kept up with the heat from the heat: such rosy, fragrant! And asks in his mouth, but left a flavor for all tastes — whether butter ghee, or honey, or sour cream, dense, or Varangian. Good Russian pancakes!

Step 8

Cut from the top of the triangle strip with a width of 4 cm.

Step 9

Unfolding the strip into a ring, in one place cut through and the edge coat of boiled condensed milk. Of the remaining parts of the triangle you can make the buds and leaves.

Step 10

Twist the ring in a rosette, first making the turns tighter, and then stacking the folds of the petals. Easily dip the edge of the rosettes in liquid honey, and then in colored sugar or sprinkles.

Step 11

Put roses on a plate, decorate with additional leaves. These roses are not only beautiful but a wonderful sweet and savory treat for tea.
Bon appetit!