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Salmon with mushrooms in a creamy sauce

Salmon with mushrooms in a creamy sauce

Tender and juicy, bright and beautiful, tasty dish. Salmon with chanterelles in a creamy sauce. Time to cook will need quite a bit, minimum hassle, and the result is always excellent. By the way, this dish can be cooked on a weekday, slightly simplifying it. Instead of salmon, to take a more budget-friendly salmon or pink, and chanterelles to replace the mushrooms. Also would be great.

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Ingredients for Salmon with mushrooms in a creamy sauce

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Salmon with mushrooms in a creamy sauce

Step 1

Salmon steaks season with salt and pepper, season with rosemary and thyme, drizzle with lemon juice. Set aside.

Step 2

Frozen mushrooms defrosted, but not until the end, this is not necessary. If the mushrooms are large-cut. Put the mushrooms in a saucepan (skillet), cover with a lid and simmer on medium heat for five minutes, stirring occasionally. Drain the separated liquid into the Cup. (she will need it later)

Step 3

Add the mushrooms to the butter, increase the flame and fry the mushrooms for a few minutes. Pour in a saucepan the flour, mix well and cook for another two minutes.

Step 4

Pour the mushrooms to the liquid, which was formed at the beginning of frying, stir. Then add the milk and mix thoroughly to avoid lumps. Bring the sauce to a boil, season with salt and pepper, remove from heat.

Step 5

Prepare two sheets of baking paper measuring approximately 35 x 70 cm. Fold each in half. In the center of the resulting square sheet to put the fish steak.

Step 6

"Tails" of each steak and fasten with a toothpick. And the steak is to keep the shape, and the mushroom sauce will not flow out and will remain in the fish.

Step 7

Spread the sauce over the fish.

Step 8

To raise the edge of the paper over the fish, stitch, and wrap 3-4 times.

Step 9

Then screw the open ends of the paper like candy.