Cottage cheese casserole with cream cheese "Mystery"

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Why the mystery? Because no one was able to determine that there is no flour. Very cheesecake, my kids are sooooo in love with her. Lately I am very fond of cakes without flour, without hassle and with a delicious result! My husband likes to have Breakfast with this casserole, it is easy due to the fact that there is no flour, but rich by adding cream cheese. For me and the kids, it's usually an afternoon snack. This in any case melts in your mouth!!! Highly recommend!!! Recipe shared friend, who unfortunately lives very far away, but when I make this pudding always remember her.

Ingredients for Cottage cheese casserole with cream cheese "Mystery"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cottage cheese casserole with cream cheese "Mystery"

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Eggs lightly beat until smooth, add sugar, beat another minute, not in any way hot. Add a dash of vanilla.

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Add the cream cheese, I Philadelphia. This 226 gram package, you can add 300, a special difference have not noticed. Beat slightly on medium speed. At this stage not necessary to achieve homogeneity, but large pieces should not be.

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Delicious in hot or cold! Very tasty with fresh berries (raspberries or strawberries). Bon appetite dear!