Roll the brisket in the sleeve

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I admit at once this is not my recipe, but taken from the Internet. But, it's so juicy it was described and so tasty spruce that I instantly decided to repeat and share with your favorite cooks and the guests of the website. Preparing this dish first and you can tell in Your eyes, so the last words in the short description, happen in the moment of tasting.

Ingredients for Roll the brisket in the sleeve

Step by step instruction of cooking Roll the brisket in the sleeve

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The preparation time excluding the marinating. Marinate the brisket should be at least 10 hours. Take 1 kg of brisket

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Bay leaf I just broke into small pieces. All mixed together and thoroughly kneaded hands to our marinade let the juice. At this time, Your kitchen is such an indescribable fragrance, something fresh, juicy, right spring smell. Take a convenient container, spread half of the marinade, then bacon and the top remaining part of the marinade. Cover with a lid or cling film and refrigerate at least 10 hours. I marinated the meat for more than a day, so occasionally turned to the brisket evenly marinated on all sides.

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Get our breast and remove the excess marinade, to the heat treatment we did not burn

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Coat all sides with mustard, without fanaticism.

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Turn the roulade as tightly as possible and tied with twine.

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Then put the roll into the sleeve for baking, put the whole thing into shape and put into the oven for 40 minutes at 200 C

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Just out of the oven

Шаг 8

Fully cooled

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Remove the skin and thinly slice. Bon appetit!

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PS: Thank you for the Nice recipe my Friend!