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Quick yeast pancakes "Foodie"

Quick yeast pancakes "Foodie"

Delicate, thin yeast pancakes that are cooked fast enough, combined with delicate ricotta, sweet pear and salty caramel create a beautiful, delicious dessert dish!

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Ingredients for Quick yeast pancakes "Foodie"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Quick yeast pancakes "Foodie"

Step 1

Heat the milk and water (not above 40 degrees).

Step 2

Beat the eggs, add the milk and water, sugar, salt, yeast SAF-moment, beat with a whisk.

Step 3

Gradually add the sifted flour to the consistency of liquid sour cream. In the end, add 25 ml of oil. Leave in a warm place for 40-50 minutes. After a specified time to add the remaining 25 ml of oil, mix well.

Step 4

Bake pancakes on both sides until Golden brown.

Step 5

To make the salted caramel. Melt the sugar over medium heat. The caramel should be Golden brown. Add melted butter, mix, then add hot cream and salt.

Step 6

Keep on heat for another 3 minutes.

Step 7

On pancakes put the ricotta and sliced pear, add some caramel.