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Fish pie "Siberian"

Fish pie "Siberian"

Simple and delicious homemade fish pie. Bake a cake... :)

Cooking time 150 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Fish pie "Siberian"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Fish pie "Siberian"

Step 1

Ingredients to make a cake with fish (vendace).

Step 2

Milk heat, add the warm milk (200 ml.) melted butter (30 gr.).

Step 3

Add the granulated yeast (7 gr.).

Step 4

Of the total amount of flour take 1 tablespoon and add to the milk mixture, oil and yeast, add 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sugar. Stir the mixture, cover with a cloth or cling film and leave to dissolve yeast.

Step 5

After a certain time on the surface of the formed cap of fine bubbles. The dough is ready.

Step 6

Add to the dough 1 tbsp. tablespoon of sour cream.

Step 7

Add 1 egg. Stir the mixture.

Step 8

Portions add the rest of the flour.

Step 9

Knead the dough. The capacity with the dough, cover with cling film or towel and put in warm place to rise. After the first rise punch down the dough and put for the second rise. After you are ready to cutting the cake.

Step 10

For the filling: Whitefish clean, remove fins, tail and head.

Step 11

Fish cut into slices. To hit the spine and the bones.

Step 12

Onion cut into thin rings (half-rings).

Step 13

The dough is well risen, you can proceed to cutting the cake. I want to note that of the total number of the test you will have 2 pie D 22 cm

Step 14

Roll the dough into the reservoir. Cut in the shape of a circle.

Step 15

The form for baking grease with a thin layer of vegetable oil. To transfer the circle of dough in a baking pan, flatten. Lay out onion rings.

Step 16

The onion rings to put the pieces of fish. Fish salt and pepper to taste.

Step 17

For the filling we will need 100 gr. butter. 70 gr. cut into slices and arrange on the fish, 30 grams. we leave for greasing the pie after baking.

Step 18

Then put the rest of the onion rings, add Bay leaf.

Step 19

Piece of dough roll out the layer, cut similar to the first circle the second circle. To move the circle on top. Edge of circle tuck to the middle. Gently flatten the pie, lightly pressing on the edge. In the center make a hole with a wooden taper, for the excess of air, and the baking couple.

Step 20

The pieces of dough roll out the layer, cut the strips, the strips collapse to form flagella.

Step 21

The edge of the pie to grease with water, put the flagella of dough around the edge of the pie. Draw pie to taste.

Step 22

Pie brush with beaten egg, sprinkle with sesame seeds. Send cake in a preheated 180C oven. Bake until ready. I want to note that the ovens are all different, everyone should focus on their. May in some ovens, the temperature regime should be reduced or lengthen.

Step 23

Possible the second option, with a different filling. The second pie was baked with potatoes.

Step 24


Step 25


Step 26

The finished cake to grease with a piece of butter.

Step 27

Bon appetit!