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Quick oatmeal

Quick oatmeal

Specially revised all the recipes for this yet. As I understand it a traditional pudding based on soaking the cereal overnight, but I unfocused man (forget to soak, soak and cook then don't want to), this invented a quick method and so prepare for the baby. In General, great respect for the oatmeal, for her ability to pull all the muck out of the body. Finally saw this, when I managed to get rid of pimples using oatmeal. By the way, this dish is useful or lactating, and pregnant

Cooking time 10 minutes Number of servings1

Ingredients for Quick oatmeal

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Quick oatmeal

Step 1

Pour cereal with water. An important caveat) the flakes must be fresh, otherwise it will be a bitter taste

Step 2

Grind cereal in a blender

Step 3

Our strain the oat milk through a sieve

Step 4

Cook for 5-7 minutes on slow fire, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, when it boils. Should get a jelly-like mass. From the remaining cake I make myself oatmeal, prepared too quickly, because the crushed cereal, or use as a facial scrub.

Step 5

The most useful thing to eat in its pure form (you may add salt or add olive oil). Can serve with sour cream, berries or jam.
I wish you all health and happiness!