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Cypriot Lenten mini-loaf "Zahtila"

Cypriot Lenten mini-loaf "Zahtila"

Very fragrant, delicate, tasty homemade loaf not quite the usual moulding. Completely lean dough without adding any fat, nor animal nor vegetable. Perfect for lent, and beyond.

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Ingredients for Cypriot Lenten mini-loaf "Zahtila"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cypriot Lenten mini-loaf "Zahtila"

Step 1

First, combine the sesame seeds with the anise, put them in a colander and rinse with cold water. Give water to drain and place on a small baking sheet or large flat plate.
Leave on the sidelines.

Step 2

Water, yeast, sugar, salt, cinnamon, mastic, mahleb and flour knead the dough.
Better to use a bread machine or a mixer with a nozzle hook. You can, of course, and hands. The dough is quite stiff, but knead it very well should. Once the dough is ready, it will be much softer and more pliable.
Cover the dough and leave in a warm place for an hour. The dough is very well suited, becomes soft.

Step 3

Each part roll out rolls with a length of approximately 25 cm.

Step 4

Then roll carefully rolled in the wet sesame seeds.
Place on a work surface and again well rolled, so that the sesame seeds with the anise not showered.

Step 5

Cut the roll into 5-6 pieces on the bias.

Step 6

Put the bars on a baking sheet, the laid parchment paper and leave for half an hour for proofing.
The bars bake at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes. Be guided by your oven.
They have a decent increase in size and brown.

Step 7

Take the loaves out of the oven and cover with a linen towel.