Cake "Dove"

252 - 240 минут 20 порции

Delicate, with subtle fruit and vanilla aroma and creamy pear finish cake. It harmoniously combines a light sponge cake on proteins, a layer of fresh pear, creamy pear, Bavaria and peach mousse. For reviews of tasters, he "gently tickles the tongue"...

for 8th of Marchfor birthdayfor Christmasfor Valentine's Day

Ingredients for Cake "Dove"

Step by step instruction of cooking Cake "Dove"

Шаг 1

Separate the whites from the yolks. The yolks will be useful later. And beat the whites with the vanilla and a pinch of salt to obtain a weak foam.

Шаг 2

Then, gradually adding sugar, beat the whites to a dense foam and full dissolution of sugar.

Шаг 3

Sift in the protein mass blend flour, soda and starch.

Шаг 4

Carefully and thoroughly mix to obtain a homogeneous air test.

Шаг 5

Upload the resulting sponge mass into shape, flatten and put in the oven for 20 minutes - 25, bake until tender.

Шаг 6

While baked cake, prepare the custard part of Bavaria. For this purpose the yolks well, mix with starch and sugar.

Шаг 7

Into the yolk mixture add the milk.

Шаг 8

Mix well and let stew on low heat.

Шаг 9

While stirring cook a lot until thick. To shift the custard to the bowl, cover with film "contact" with the surface and allow to cool completely. Then put into the refrigerator overnight.

Шаг 10

The finished cake to remove and allow to cool, turning on the grid in the form. To give the cake to cool completely and to "ripen" in the form of hours 8 - 10. I leave for the night.

Шаг 11

The next day the sponge is removed from the form.

Шаг 12

Cut into 2 Korzh. Temporarily remove the package.

Шаг 13

Proceed to the production of the pear layer. Pear peel, seeds and tough core. Cut into medium-sized pieces. Wash the lemon, remove the peel, you will need a teaspoon. Squeeze the juice from half of a lemon. Stir starch in water.

Шаг 14

In a saucepan combine pears, nutmeg, sugar, zest and lemon juice. Put on the fire.

Шаг 15

When the pears give juice, and the sugar has dissolved, pour into the pan of starch mixture. Stirring constantly, boil the mixture until transparent and thick.

Шаг 16

Prepared fruit filling to shift into a separate bowl and cool completely, stirring occasionally to avoid a film. For faster cooling I put the bowl in a pan of cold water. At the same time to soak in two separate tea cups sachet of gelatin.

Шаг 17

Until cools down a layer of cooked pear puree for Bavaria. Also peel the pears from the skin, seeds and veins. Then grate them on a fine grater into the pot, add lemon juice and boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Boil until thick. The time depends on the juiciness of the pears. It took me 40 - 50 minutes. Into the hot puree to pour dissolved on a water bath gelatin in one Cup using a strainer. Mix well and set aside.

Шаг 18

Meanwhile, whisk 500 ml of cream to thick peaks. To defer from the total amount 2 - 3 tablespoons for Assembly of the first layer of cake.

Шаг 19

Assemble the cake. In a split form to lay the first Korzh.

Шаг 20

Lightly lubricate it with cream and the sides to form a whipped cream rim with a height of about 1.5 cm.

Шаг 21

In the resulting "tank" put the chilled stuffing. Cover with the second cake and slightly press. Around the designs to build the bumpers.

Шаг 22

Finish cooking pear, Bavaria. For this part of the custard, whisking, gradually introduce more warm the puree with the gelatin. Mix until smooth.

Шаг 23

Then in three steps to introduce into the mixture the whipped cream, stirring gently with a spatula folding movements.

Шаг 24

Get delicate and airy Bavarian mousse.

Шаг 25

Pour it on top of the second biscuit and put into the refrigerator for some time.

Шаг 26

Proceed to the production of a simple peach mousse. For this peaches Porirua in any convenient way. I at this time there a meat grinder with fine bars, so in the finished Moussa felt pieces. However, this gave additional structure to the cake and it did not spoiled. However, you can make the puree and more homogeneous.

Шаг 27

In ready mashed potatoes to add sugar, it took me approximately one tablespoon. In a water bath to dissolve the gelatin and add to the peaches. In a separate bowl, whisk 500 ml of cream.

Шаг 28

In peach puree also in three stages, mixing thoroughly, enter cream. Put the resulting mass on top of the pear, Bavaria. Do this carefully so the layers were even. To remove the workpiece in the refrigerator until fully cured.

Шаг 29

The finished cake to release from the mold and roll. Carefully, using the means at hand, to pass on to a serving dish. So I used for the final design of the whipped cream, I took another 500 ml of whipped cream. Some of them I used to lightly line the sides of the cake.

Шаг 30

Cake decorate as desired.

Шаг 31

It is high and very tender. But quite stable and holds its shape.

Шаг 32

And here is the piece. Enjoy your tea!