Salad lean "Village"

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His grandmother always cooked, and then the mother. It just so happens that I grew up in those years when no famine and there was no trace, but the parents (not to mention grandmothers – grandfathers) our experienced the war, and serious post-war years. And someone got to live there, where before the war, sorry, not always contentedly ate. So he was prepared this here... I don't even know how to call it will be the same, but it let it be – salad. It is very simple, this salad. Preparing for a one-two-three. And the products are all simple and the minimum. I note only that the Food is very nawo... sorry, rich and, in my uneducated rustic look, very tasty.

Ingredients for Salad lean "Village"

Step by step instruction of cooking Salad lean "Village"

Шаг 1

First things first, potatoes. We have the basement dry, so stored potatoes is wonderful. And sprouts? Well, so what? It is time for them to break, especially because the fries we not European etched, and the most that neither is alive. Grown without any fertilisers on net, sorry, manure.
Here. Got the heels, then the potatoes out of the bins and well washed.

Шаг 2

Boil "in uniform". Why? And more economical!
Note also about the potatoes. See what is loose. No stickiness does not occur, no steklyannoi. And ... just potatoes!

Шаг 3

But the potatoes – cube. And cutting required, until hot. To get your fingers burned. Otherwise – uninteresting.

Шаг 4

And, of course, fundamental, and most importantly, I believe in this Food. Sauerkraut. The most common. Not a food is acidic or pickled, and fermented it in the simplest way. In addition to saltiness was attended by such a sharp tartness of this sour cabbage.
One moment. After all March is almost here. If the cabbage was fermented in the fall and already have some spring characteristics of taste, of course rinse.

Шаг 5

Two words about the proportions.
Potatoes I picked the heels. Medium size. Luke, in terms of the head, three small. And cabbage..., here it is necessary to focus on cabbage acid and taste. But from one to one and a half volumes of potatoes and onions, taken together, is necessary.
Thoroughly but gently mix. Potatoes try not to mess it up.

Шаг 6

And season the salad only with oil. Lean. Olive, cold pressed is also good. Especially here is. From Kykkos monastery in the mountains Rodosskij. Or some exotic type where grape seed or walnut. Bad will not work.

Шаг 7

BUT! Best take the simplest and for our area the traditional. Sunflower. Yes, to spin a village. With this oil and get the same "taste of childhood".
Angel for the meal.