Potato and mushroom sausage

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I bring to your attention, friends, a delicious sausage to vegetable table. Traditionally potato sausage prepared with lard or fat pork, and I offer a lean option from very affordable products. In addition, the recipe is versatile and involves so many ingredients as your heart and fantasies want.

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Ingredients for Potato and mushroom sausage

Step by step instruction of cooking Potato and mushroom sausage

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Again, the recipe is universal, or rather, universal stuffing. It can be used as for dumplings or pies, and sausages. Most importantly - proportions. In the ingredient list, I indicated a measure of weight, and it would be better to determine in percentage: 100% ground beef accounted for 40% potato, 40% for fungi and 20% on the bow. Again, all take "the eye". And the number of any. Mushrooms, for simplicity, I took the mushrooms.

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Intestine I took the pork, bought through the online store. They are impregnated with salt (for long storage),

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Therefore before preparation it is recommended to soak in room temperature water to dissolve the salt. I cut 80-90 cm.

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Potatoes passed through a meat grinder. You can grate it less stand out liquid. But the juice you can either merge or add cornstarch or breadcrumbs. The taste of the final dishes from that the worse will not change.

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Onion sliced finely.

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Mushrooms are also smaller. Better stir with the potatoes and give a flavor.

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Mushrooms with onion fry in a pan until Golden and add to the potatoes. Minced salt and percu.

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Washed intestine and put on the coffee grinder. You can fill the gut manually, but it is longer.

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Spread the stuffing in the bowl of the grinder and start the process.

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Caution: do not fill the gut too tight! Otherwise, the process of roasting will burst. Grease the skillet with vegetable oil, put on him sausage and also oiled. So it will be podgorista. Be sure to make a puncture with a needle over the entire length in increments of 2 see Especially where air can get in.

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Put the skillet with the sausage in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for 50 min. after 20 min I turned the temperature to 150 degrees.

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So, the sausage is ready.

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It is better to serve hot as a separate dish vegetable to the table, and as a garnish for meat or fish appetizers. Bon appetit!