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Soup fish "Chipollino-fisherman"

Soup fish "Chipollino-fisherman"

Quick to prepare soup. Fish can be any (both Maritime and river). The soup is delicious and unusual and with the other fish. A large quantity of fried onion makes the soup incredibly tender, flavorful, hot peppers and celery soup adds a pleasant piquancy and poignancy. Help yourself!

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Ingredients for Soup fish "Chipollino-fisherman"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Soup fish "Chipollino-fisherman"

Step 1

Carrots to RUB on a large grater. Potatoes cut into cubes.

Step 2

Onions cut into half rings, hot peppers and petiolar celery in small pieces.

Step 3

Cleaned and washed fish cut into pieces, add to the pot, cover with water, bring to a boil, remove foam and cook on very low heat for about 20 minutes.

Step 4

In a pan add butter and vegetable oil, heat. Add the onions, sugar and fry, stirring constantly until a beautiful Golden brown.

Step 5

Flatten fried onions, put on chopped celery and hot pepper, add pressed garlic (or dry granulated garlic), spices. Fire to disable the pan, cover and remove while in the side.

Step 6

After 20 minutes add the fish, potatoes, salt. Cook for 5 minutes.

Step 7

Add carrots. Cook until cooked potatoes.

Step 8

Add the pan with our aromatic contents. Stir. Cook for another 5-10 minutes.

Step 9

5 minutes before end of cooking, add Bay leaf and peppercorn. Try the taste, if needed add salt, spices.

Step 10

Add finely chopped greens, disconnect the fire and infuse the soup for about 15-20 minutes.