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Pancake roll with coconut milk

Pancake roll with coconut milk

The bun is very tasty and soft, with coconut milk, with the addition of ricotta and sour cream. Filling, cherry jam and whipped cream.

Cooking time- Number of servings28

Ingredients for Pancake roll with coconut milk

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Pancake roll with coconut milk

Step 1

In a bowl, poured the milk, poured
sugar, yeast and 100g of flour.
Mixed and put in warm
to quickly ferment the yeast.
After 30 minutes in a bowl put a pack of
ricotta, sour cream, salt and softened
oil. Mix the dough again in the bowl
cover and put in warm

Step 2

In the batter 300 g of flour. Mixed
it and again put to heat.

Step 3

The dough is well risen.

Step 4

Poured on the table the flour and put
from the bowl the dough. Kneaded it,
adding several times the remaining
flour. ( Flour will probably leave for the test
a little more or less. It depends
from flour and fat ingredients.)

Step 5

The batter is still wet, but I cut
on a small part and every.
into a ball.

Step 6

Each ball roll in flour to
does not stick the dough to the hands. Balls cut
into two parts and again was rolled into balls
of a smaller size.

Step 7

The pan dimmed parchment
paper and spread the balls. All balls
I have not fit on one baking tray
and I put the rest on the other.

Step 8

Put the baking sheets in the oven, preheated
to 60 degrees, to rolls faster

Step 9

After 20 minutes, muffins are much
increased in size, and I installed
t the oven to 180 degrees. Baked
they 30 minutes until Golden color.

Step 10

All rolls of finely cut verhushechku.
Removed a bit from the middle myakish
and put in these holes to jam.

Step 11

Cream whipped with powdered sugar.
Put them in a candy bag
with a nozzle and slowly squeezed
for holes with jam.

Step 12

On cream put cut
with rolls tops and sprinkled
sugar powder.

Step 13

Bun in the section. The texture of the rolls
gentle, airy.

Step 14

Buns with coconut.
In the context of visible gentle white
the color of the finely porous crumb.
Scones are delicious!