Golden chicken legs

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Offer you a simple, but not hackneyed recipe of chicken. A rather modest set of products with great result. Recipe from an Italian website.

Ingredients for Golden chicken legs

Step by step instruction of cooking Golden chicken legs

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The ingredients and the description indicated products into four portions, I prepared one photo, respectively, with a smaller number of products.

Chicken legs wash, dry with paper towel, put in a plastic bag.
Add the flour, 3 tsp of turmeric and shake bag so that chicken is fully covered "gold dust".

! Please note that turmeric is of varying quality! The color and intensity vary depending on the different varieties.
Therefore, be guided by your taste and the intensity of the spices.

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Fry the onions in olive oil.

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Put chicken legs, fry a few minutes on all sides. Salt.
Pour in the wine.

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Mix the milk and remaining turmeric.

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When the wine is almost completely evaporated, pour in the milk mixture. Cover and continue cooking 30-40 minutes (depends on size of legs).

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Before you remove the dish from the heat, add the mustard (I pointed out the number of the source, but you focus on your taste), mix well.

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Serve with rice.