Chicken baked with mushrooms and chickpeas

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Offer to decorate a dining table in the first day of spring is wonderful, juicy and flavorful chicken, which is nicely complemented by an interesting side dish. The recipe author.

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Ingredients for Chicken baked with mushrooms and chickpeas

Step by step instruction of cooking Chicken baked with mushrooms and chickpeas

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This is the basic set of products.

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Wash the chicken and Pat dry. With your fingers to separate the skin in the breast area, kitchen scissors cut the breast bones. I did it to fit more toppings.

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Fry mushrooms with onions (I have already prepared, frozen).
Chickpeas boiled or use a ready-made jar.
Petiolar celery and sun-dried tomatoes finely chop.
Mix the filling.

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To prepare the marinade. Garlic finely chop, squeeze the juice and grate the zest of 1/2 lemon, add the smoked paprika, red pepper, tomato powder, ground smoked bacon and mix with the sauce-marinade "Taco" TM "Kikkoman".

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Chicken little salt, RUB with marinade and leave for 2 - 4 hours.

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Marinated chicken filled with stuffing, cover it with a bread crust (in this case, the chicken will not have to sew or fasten with toothpicks). From above to grease with sour cream, wrap in foil, so that it is not in contact with the skin, and bake in the oven. I was baked for 1 hour at 220*C.
10 minutes before readiness to deploy the foil and bake until Golden brown.

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Bread crust is crunchy outside and soft, soaked with delicious juice inside!

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It was very tasty! Such a chicken now prescribe in our family menu for a long time! I hope that the recipe will appeal to you!

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The preparation time excluding the time spent on marinating chicken.
Bon appetit!

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On the first day of spring as something special they want romance!

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These snowdrops bloomed today in my garden. I hurried to share a little springtime joy with her beloved family and you, my dear Cooks!