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Roast with dumplings "Arcop chuchvara"

Roast with dumplings "Arcop chuchvara"

I know for sure: anything is possible!!! Now I know. And I didn't before.... Potatoes and dumplings in one dish??? Never!!! But when suddenly he descended on the children, and of the available products half a pack of ravioli and a dozen potatoes, you begin to understand the right was Larisa Krylova Dmitry Bilan. And not that this dish drove me crazy, but at least not disappointed, but pleasantly surprised. Jarkop chuchvara – Uzbek dish. Accurate and specific recipe I found anywhere, so I'll write how I prepared, if something wrong, then people in the know will correct. I cooked for 3 people and one little person – that is, 3 ¼ portions.

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