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Crispy fried dumplings

Crispy fried dumplings

You know what? I suggest to fry pelmeni without water :) such variation is not, therefore, be placed :)

Cooking time 10 minutes Number of servings1

Ingredients for Crispy fried dumplings

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Crispy fried dumplings

Step 1

I know, I know, the site has a lot of recipes fried dumpling, but our family version is slightly different from those shown on the website the lack of a single ingredient, namely water. Without it, the taste is completely different, the dumplings are more crisp and are perfect for a snack.

Step 2

For cooking we need only dumplings and butter (from me this time mustard).

Step 3

Heated vegetable oil in a frying pan, put the dumplings and mix up that each of them was covered with butter. Fry on medium heat stirring occasionally. Do not close the pan with a lid, do not add water. For a couple of minutes until cooked sprinkle with your favorite seasonings (optional). When the dumplings are browned on all sides, lay them in a dish and serve!

Step 4

They are perfect as snacks in anticipation of making a main dish, with the sudden appearance of hungry guests or as a snack to beer! As they are cooked without water, then turn out dense and very crunchy, my husband just hamster them as chips :)

Try it and you! Perhaps in your family, this option will catch on ;)