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Cake "Drunk cherry"

Cake "Drunk cherry"

Incredibly delicious, amazingly delicate and absolutely beautiful – exactly the way to describe this cake! Taste of dark chocolate and butter cream goes well with cherry brandy! Try to cook – it's delicious!

Cooking time 120 minutes Number of servings8

Ingredients for Cake "Drunk cherry"

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cake "Drunk cherry"

Step 1

1. The first thing to do is pour cherry any alcoholic drink (brandy, vodka, liqueur etc.) cherry should have a good brew and soak up the alcohol. This is best done the day before cooking.

Step 2

2. Prepare the cake base, i.e. chocolate cake. For this have 9 eggs detachable whites from yolks and bring them down with sugar in separate containers with a mixer.

Step 3

3. In the yolk mass put half of the beaten egg whites and mix everything carefully with a spatula.

Step 4

4. Mix the flour with cocoa powder and sift it through a sieve in the resulting mass.

Step 5

5. Add half of the remaining proteins and gently mix everything together with a spatula. To prevent the dough from top to down clockwise in the same direction.

Step 6

7. Ready cake cool down well within a few hours. And while it cools, get cooking cream. To do this, whisk 200 grams of butter with 360 grams of condensed milk.

Step 7

8. Set aside a little cream for the final greasing of the cake.

Step 8

9. Strain the cherries through a sieve.

Step 9

10. From the cooled cake carefully remove the top with a thickness of about 1 cm you should Have two layers – thin and thick. Thick crust, gently remove the middle, mash it into crumbs and divide into two parts of approximately three to one.

Step 10

11. To the cream add the most part of biscuit crumbs and the strained cherries. Cream stir.

Step 11

12. The remaining juice from the cherries, soak both cake.

Step 12

13. Put the cream into the prepared base and close all the second layer.

Step 13

14. Promazhte cream cake (which we pre-laid) and decorate the sides of the cake and sponge cake crumbs.

Step 14

17. The cake is ready! It turns out very juicy and tender! All a pleasant appetite!