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A delicious dish of Greek cuisine! Lobster with delicious flavorful spaghetti. One of the most expensive dishes on any Greek fish restaurant.

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So, we need fresh lobster ( I mean raw). Buying frozen lobster ( Greece season these Goodies starts around may)canadian production, was unpleasantly surprised that the lobster has already passed thermal processing, which can be seen in color. For the Greek actcommunity better to use " raw" lobster.1) the lobster does not require a long cooking time 8-10 min. max.2) proverif 8-10min get rich fragrant broth in which to cook the pasta.

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Onions and garlic, throw in pan with hot olive oil, bring to a Golden color, add tomato juice, sugar, ouzo. Add hot water, do not pour a lot at once, better add in the cooking process, if necessary. Bring to a boil.

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Take out the lobster, sprinkle with salt and pepper broth.

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Then pasta. Cook according to instructions. Throw the chopped parsley and tomatoes ( halves or whole)

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When makaronchiki ready, return the lobster to the pan to warm up.

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Serve: on a large platter lay out the pasta on top of the lobster, cut it lengthwise in half.