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Potato-cabbage side dish

Potato-cabbage side dish

How many can remember this favorite childhood side dish always prepared by my mother and grandmother. If it was urgent to feed the family, this dish is always great rescued. And what a lovely filling is made of it for dumplings, pancakes or pies. This is awesome! Quick, easy, tasty, simple.

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Ingredients for Potato-cabbage side dish

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Potato-cabbage side dish

Step 1

Potatoes wash, peel and boil until tender, adding salt, onion and Bay leaf.
The water in which potatoes are cooked, pour into a separate container.
Onion and Bay leaf removed.

Step 2

While cooking potatoes, cut in dice the onion and Nachinaem sliced carrots.

Step 3

Sauerkraut squeeze from the brine and cut with a knife into smaller segments.
My mom always taught me to sour cabbage without adding carrots, in this case cabbage always turns out white. Carrots are added to the already prepared the cabbage.

Step 4

Onions and carrots saute in two tablespoons vegetable oil until light blush. Part of the prepared carrots to be put aside, using later on for decoration.

Step 5

Add to carrots and onions or cabbage and quickly fry it until cooked on high heat with constant stirring.
Cover the cabbage while cooking, do not cover.
It will take about ten minutes.
If you need to salt the cabbage and a good flavor of ground black pepper.

Step 6

To prepare tender and delicious mashed potatoes, adding the potatoes in two tablespoons of vegetable oil and potato broth, adjusting the viscosity and thickness of potatoes.
Puree in finished form should look uniform, without coarse lumps.
And vegetable oil gives it a silky.

Step 7

Start serving. The first layer spread on a dish of mashed potatoes.

Step 8

And on top of mashed potatoes put fried sauerkraut and decorate on top with slices passerovannoy carrots.
If you plan to cook this side dish, filling for dumplings or pies, just a good mix mashed potatoes with fried sauerkraut.
I did not do was to dish on pics look more photogenic.