Lean dough for dumplings and noodles

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Each hostess their dough for dumplings. Someone makes a custard, someone ice who on the yolks, who on the serum... a million Options. Want to fill your cookbook meatless version of the test for dumplings. Also, it is great for making meatless homemade noodles.

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Ingredients for Lean dough for dumplings and noodles

Step by step instruction of cooking Lean dough for dumplings and noodles

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Pour 3 tbsp cold water in a bowl, add 1 tbsp corn starch and stir to form a slurry

Шаг 2

The rest of the water put to boil. As soon as it boils, pour, and stir the starch. Starch brew and will become like jelly. Cool the pudding to room temperature. To the surface formed by the film - cover or plate

Шаг 3

Sift in a bowl 2 cups flour, pour in the pudding here, add salt

Шаг 4

Pour vegetable oil

Шаг 5

Start to knead the dough, gradually adding flour. It may take 3 to 4 cups. The batter should be tender and elastic.

Шаг 6

Roll it into a ball, wrap with film and leave in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight. Again ebonite on the table (without flour) and you can make the dumplings.
This dough is perfectly resistant to freezing. Wrap it in foil and put in the freezer. After freezing the dough becomes more elastic.