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Cake "honey," new

Cake "honey," new

Everyone loves the classic honey cake - with cream who who with custard, as they say on taste and color... But I was drawn to the experiments, good recipes on the Internet a lot. Slightly modified taking into account the wishes of my family. Anyone daring to try?

Cooking time 180 minutes Number of servings12

Ingredients for Cake "honey," new

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cake "honey," new

Step 1

As always, despite the long description, and a bunch of pictures, the cake is very simple to implement, even for a beginner. The process can be divided into several days.
Honey cakes.
In a water bath (the bowl should not touch the boiling water) is heated to dissolve the oil, butter, sugar and honey. Separately, you can cook an egg, whisk it with a fork.

Step 2

When the butter has melted, pour the egg, stir, add soda and stir for 2-3 minutes.

Step 3

Remove from water bath, cool slightly, gradually add flour.

Step 4

Stir well. Should have a very tender dough that you want to wrap it in clingfilm and put into the refrigerator for about 1 hour.

Step 5

Next, divide the dough into 4 portions, roll out circles with a diameter of approximately 16 cm, prick them with a fork and bake (in a preheated oven, 180 degrees for 5-7 minutes). Remove from oven, trim. Trimming will come in handy!

Step 6

Cream for impregnation of cakes.
Have to say this cream in the original recipe was not, decided to add along the way. This is my FAVORITE cream in honey! For the cake diameter 20-22 cm I increase a portion of the cream 4-5 times.
In a saucepan mix sugar and flour, add milk. Put in a water bath ( I got used to it already and without bath), stirring constantly to cook "jelly". It will not be thick, but we do not need the same cream dipping! Remove the skillet from the heat, tighten with cling film "contact" and leave to cool to room temperature. If you want, you can speed up the process by placing a container of cream "ice pillow". When the cream has cooled, add the butter a little at room temperature and whisk for a while. Fluff layer 3.

Step 7

Salted caramel.
Preheat the frying pan with a thick bottom large diameter (26-28 cm). Pour half of the sugar. When the sugar begins to melt, reduce heat, gradually in the "puddle" melted sugar to pour the second half. Simultaneously in another pan you need to put warm up cream (to boil).

Step 8

Soaked cakes grease the cooled caramel and cover with fourth cake layer, packaged in plastic wrap and put into the freezer.

Step 9

Gelatin pre-soak. Mix the sugar, starch, sour cream, eggs. Put on fire and cook until thick. Remove from heat, add pre-dissolved and filtered gelatin, allow to cool to room temperature.

Step 10

Add cream cheese ( I always like Ricotta) at room temperature.

Step 11

Chilled cream until soft splendor.

Step 12

And in a number of techniques to mix the basis.

Step 13

Shape or a ring 18 cm to tighten with cling film, lay a pastry strip, install on the Board, which will then freeze the cake. Mousse pour in a form.

Step 14

Out of the freezer to get the cakes to release them from the backing and vkruchivayutsya movements gently pressed them mousse. Cover with cling film and put into the freezer for 5-6 hours, preferably overnight if you cover the mirror glaze. The icing always make this recipe: http://www.povarenok .ru/recipes/show/137 824/