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Cheesecake with Nutella

Cheesecake with Nutella

This cheesecake is dedicated to all the sweet tooth and sokomanu)) cooked very quickly and requires no baking.

Cooking time 25 minutes Number of servings-

Ingredients for Cheesecake with Nutella

Step-by-step instruction of cooking Cheesecake with Nutella

Step 1

Interrupting biscuits in a food processor. Add 25 gr. nuts,1 tbsp Nutella and butter (softened), carefully pushing all the ingredients.

Step 2

Shape (diameter 20 cm) mounted on the plate and spread the weight, we stamp and put into the fridge.

Step 3

Whisk the mascarpone with the icing sugar, add the remaining Nutella and cocoa, whisk it all together again.

Step 4

Add gelatin in 3 tbsp water, heated to 60*, stir thoroughly what would avoid lumps.
I have instant gelatin, do not require soaking, if you do not like that, then soak it in advance. Take gelatin per 1 l of liquid.

Step 5

Add gelatin to the mass and mix thoroughly. Spread in the form neatly levelling with a spatula.

Step 6

Chop the hazelnuts and fry on a dry pan, add marshmallows and pour on cheesecake. Slightly we stamp by hand, that would not crumble when cutting.
Refrigerate at least 5 hours.